Do you have a great story just waiting to be told?

Are friends, family and colleagues always telling you that your story would make a great book or fabulous movie?  With the internet and technology available nowadays, there has never been a better time to turn your dreams into reality.

If yours is a true story or an idea for the next big thing like ‘Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code or a Fifty Shades  book, then I can take your memoirs, anecdotes or storylines and create your story. In addition, my all-inclusive service includes professional editing, book cover design, publication as both paperback and eBook, and listing with the major online retailers; ie Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble etc. I can do all this for a lot less money than you might imagine.

I have been fortunate enough to have ghostwritten projects with both the famous and infamous. That said, I have also written plenty of life story books for everyday people with a great story who are on a budget. In my view you do not need to have been either rich or famous to have led an interesting life.

During the last ten years I have helped a significant number of people realise their dream of having their books written and published.

So, if you have an amazing story to tell then contact me, Dean Rinaldi, because I can help you give it the life and soul it needs to educate, inspire and entertain the reader.

Please read through my other pages. They include: publishing, mentoring the first time author and professional editing services.

Contact me today by email or Facebook. We can chat on messenger. Let me see if there’s a way to write your story and have it published within your budget.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Many thanks to  S.Clark Kray for allowing me to feature Alfie Kray – The Asset by S Clark Kray with Dean Rinaldi.



As the ghostwriter, I remain invisible after writing your manuscript. You become the author and retain 100% of the royalties. I’m sure you don’t believe for a moment that movie stars, celebrity gangsters or the rich and famous actually sit down and write  their own books, do  you?

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