Having your own published book is the best business card you could ever have.

A few years ago I was contacted by an American business consultant. He explained that the industry and sector he was operating in was becoming increasingly competitive and his daily rate had dropped by more than 50% over the last few years. His strategy was to have a book ghostwritten, explaining what he did, as a platform, and then he would take his services to The Middle East. With over twenty years as a Director of a British Public Limited Company I could instantly see the value of his services and his clear ability to deliver them. I suggested that we write the book more like a story with pace and clear focus. By changing the names of characters, companies and locations we had scope to sell more books by engaging a wider audience and delivering his message to potential clients. More importantly he could show how he impacted the business in a more entertaining way. He agreed.

The book was complete, published and made available online, in both paperback and eBook with all the major retailers within forty weeks.

My client ordered several paperback copies and took them to the Middle East. During his first interview he put the paperback, with his name clearly displayed as the author, on the desk as a gift. He claimed that the nature of the interview changed instantly, and he was perceived to be a clear leader in his field. During the second interview he was awarded the contract. Today he earns more in a week than he had in a month and is now entering his third year

Whether you’re a business, a spiritual or academic consultant looking to create perceived value or an employee eager to supercharge your career ambitions, then a ghostwritten published book with your name on it as the author, could be a viable strategic option.

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